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The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

You place your foot on the bottom rung of the ladder and make your ascent towards the stars but with one slip, one faltering move, you fall into the darkness of the abyss. Your body lies rotting amongst Despair, Fear, Disgust and Guilt with little hope of escape. You have become nothing.
This is the pitfall of perfectionism.
You are told that perfectionism is good, a trait to be desired. It gives you the drive and determination to succeed but what about when it becomes too much. What happens when perfectionism is the all-consuming part of your being? Every little task you undertake must fulfil the purpose you design for it. The heavy pressure that is laden on your shoulders, its weight threatening to cut you off at the knees is a making of your own design. You have set your goals and you must do everything in your power to reach them. It sounds somewhat ruthless; the need to succeed at all costs. How far can you stretch yourself, your health before you get what you desire? At the end of the day you just want to prove yourself, not commit murder.
The term ‘average’ niggles away at you, spreading a chill through your veins. Average is not acceptable. Average is not a word that will ever be used to define you or at least you hope. You are not average. You cannot be average. You want to be something. You have to be something. You want to excel, to strive, to become a star that shines and glistens and becomes the source of congratulatory discussion.
The perfectionist is crippled with fear because the ideals of perfectionism are too much. You are too frightened to take the risk and take the next step on the path you’re treading. Your creativity is squandered and shoved away in a derelict box because you cannot stand to face a reality where your creation is less than ideal. You fear the thoughts and criticisms of others.
This is not a way to live.
This is a way to die.
You will always be a perfectionist. Embrace it but don’t let it own you. Own it. You are a pillar of strength, a visionary of your chosen field. Do not let the pitfalls of perfectionism drag you beneath its murky depths. Strive above. You have the ability to do anything you put your mind to; fear be damned.

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