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It’s a reminder

‘Your favourite object… what is it?’
Her fingers rose to her throat, idly playing with the golden chain that hung delicately around her neck. The heart-shaped pendant bouncing a number of times against the solid expanse of her chest before landing squarely between Olivia’s fingers.
Olivia stared at him for a long moment trying to gouge his intentions before allowing the words to flow off her tongue. ‘My mother left this,’ raising the necklace as high as it could go, ‘with the owner of the orphanage to give to me when I was old enough. She never left her name or anything – just a baby and a necklace.’
‘Hey, liv, I’m sorry.’
She shook her head. ‘Stop. I don’t want your pity. It’s hard to miss the mother you never had.’
‘But you still wear it.’
‘It’s a reminder. A reminder of the life I lost. The life I could have had and the only thing keeping me rooted to the woman who gave me up.’

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