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Bowed, Bent, Broken.

Have you ever felt so broken from the world that you wanted to crawl into a corner and hide?
Her body shook with it — the pain that had clawed its way into her heart. Her mind slowly suffocating under the thoughts that marched, violent and relentless.
You are nothing. Ignored and forgotten, you are not worthy of being loved. You will always be alone. They will always leave and you will remain here, in this hell, crawling on your knees like vermin begging them to come back. Begging them to just take notice and see you but you are nothing and no one. Ignored and forgotten. Worthless.
She cried out in agony, doubling over on herself, her fingers tightening into fists. Let this be the end. Let her miserable existence end. Her fists connected with the floor again and again and again. A scream ripped through her, but no one came. No one cared enough to look. She gasped, choking on the air trying to find its way in.
She was dwindling on the edge, trapped in this hell looking for the light. Looking for a way out. But there was no escape. Dead end, after dead end.
She yearned for it. Yearned for someone to reach out, pull her close and bring her into the light. She wanted to believe that someone would save her with every essence of her being but that was the thing about hope. It was just as broken as she was.
Perhaps they were right. Perhaps she was always meant to be alone.

Thank you for reading.
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